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Improve Your Lymphatic System With These 7 Amazing Herbs



Lymphatic System

The body is composed of several complex systems intertwined together. Almost everything in the body is interconnected physiologically.  This is why the body is labeled as a “close” system because everything in the body is a cycle.

The blood in the body primarily brings all the nutrients, minerals, and gases to and from the tissues. It delivers oxygen to the necessary tissue or organs then collects carbon dioxide away from it. 

The blood is the primary transporter of almost everything in the body. Aside from gas exchange, the blood also collects wastes around the system. Then it will deliver it to the necessary organ for the breakdown.

Likewise, since the blood is the main transporter, bacterial or other foreign organisms can ride with the tide and enter the body through it. This is why the body must have good checkpoints.

This part of the body usually does QA checks if the blood is clean enough to be transported to the next part. It also checks for foreign bodies. They are like policies, they make sure that the body is not invaded. 

This is the lymphatic system. They make sure that the body has a clean circulation. They also protect the body from invasion.


Ultimately, the function of the lymphatic system can be summarized into 5 functions [1]. 

  1. Protect the body from foreign organisms
  2. Removes Waste products from cells and transports them
  3. Removes abnormal cells
  4. Absorbs fats
  5. Control body fluid levels

Protect The Body From Foreign Organisms

The lymphatic system is like a checkpoint scattered throughout the body. The lymph nodes designated at certain parts of the body make sure that body is free from foreign invaders. It kind of  filters out the blood and checks its properties before it continues the cycle. 

The lymphatic system makes sure that foreign organisms do not progress to other parts of the body. 

This is where the lymph nodes enter the picture. It blocks the foreign body from spreading to other parts when it detects one. Likewise, this is why if the body has an infection like the bacteria causing sore throat, the nodes found in the throat become inflamed.

Inflammation of nodes traps the bacteria in the nodes before it gets attacked by the macrophages or other killer cells. 

Removes Waste Products From Cells And Transports Them

The body has natural metabolism. It processes chemicals to make the body functional. At the same time, it has a natural process to remove used waste products from the body. 

The process of the body’s metabolism is like buying food delivery. The food will be delivered to your doorstep. Then after eating, your garbage will be collected by the garbage collector for recycling of disposal. 

This is how the system works. The lymphatic system is one of the garbage collectors of the body. It makes sure that the body does not have a buildup of waste in its part.

It cleans up the body from the things used by the body then filters them out before they deliver it to their respective destinations.

Removes abnormal cells

Another function of the lymphatic system is to make sure that all cells that pass through the checkpoints are normal.

This is basically like a quality control system. It checks if the cells have been properly manufactured. It also destroys cells that have not been eliminated. It also checks the cells have a mutation.

Once the system discovers the abnormalities in a cell, either damage or infection, it will proceed to destroy it so it does not harm other parts of the body. 

This process is highly important to the body. It helps the body regulate production. This is an important function to maintain an excellent immune system. 

This step is also of significant support to prevent the body from developing carcinogens.

Absorbs Fats and Protein

Fats in the digestive tract are mostly absorbed in the Gastrointestinal Tract. The lymph aids the absorption of these fats and proteins. The fats and proteins in the GIT are absorbed back to the bloodstream through the lymphatic fluid. 

It helps regulate and process fats in the body. This is significant as the breakdown of fats is necessary to have good intestinal absorption. 

Further, it helps in the viscosity of the blood and the quality of the blood.

Control Body Fluid Levels

Another function of the lymphatic system is it helps the body maintain fluid balance in the body. The lymphatic system collects excess fluids from the cells and tissues in the body. After collecting excess fluid they are returned to the bloodstream. 

However, before they come back to the bloodstream, this fluid will be checked and filtered out of impurities. It helps in maintaining normal  Red blood cell count too.

Importance of the Lymphatic System

  1. Immune system
  2. Blood Quality
  3. Gastrointestinal Tract

Given the function of the lymphatic system, it is considered one of the important systems in the body in maintaining the immune system. 

It is highly important when keeping the body away from invaders and from making the body sick. It makes sure that the cells are functional and not damaged or infected.

Aside from the immune system, the lymphatic system is especially important in maintaining the blood in good quality. It makes sure that there is enough blood count in the body. Because the blood is made up of millions of particles like nutrients, minerals, and even bacteria, It is important to have a favorable balance within it.

The lymphatic is also important to the Gastrointestinal tract because it makes sure that the food taken in is property digested. And that the body gets all its nutrients from the foods. 

How to Care for the Lymphatic System

Although the lymphatic system is a complex system with a great degree of effect on the overall health of the body if abnormalities happen, it is quite easy to care for it. 

As the saying goes, “remedy is better than cure”.

Here are some ways on how to take care of the lymphatic system without hassle. 

  1. Drink Plenty of Water
  2. Be Active
  3. Eat More Nutritious Foods

Drink Plenty Of Water

Drinking plenty of water is the cheapest way to be healthy. This is the same as maintaining the lymphatic system.  Having an adequate amount of water in the body can help maintain the proper function of the organs. It also helps in regulating water retention and excretion in the body. 

Dehydration of the lymphatic system can magnify more serious problems in the body. Thus an appropriate amount of water is necessary to maintain proper function. 

Be Active

This does not mean jumping to being a gym rat, being active simply means being less sedentary. It is as simple as taking a walk or doing stretches. Exercise can help the body have better quality blood. 

Being active also eases muscle stiffness which is very beneficial to the lymphatic system as it is dependent on the movement of the smooth muscle. 

Eat More Nutritious Foods

Of course, other than taking plenty of water daily, what one eats is also important to the body. The diet is important in keeping the essential nutrients in the body. 

Eating healthier foods does not only support the immune system but also promotes better metabolism, GIT, and cardiovascular functions

Regular Detox

Taking Regular detoxes on food and drinks is also an excellent way to care for the lymphatic system. It gives the lymphatic system a chance to cleanse the body thoroughly. 

A superb way to detox is through taking a great natural herbal kit as the blood-lymph cleanse. With regular detox, the body is revitalized. This is like taking a break or having machine maintenance. After taking it, the body becomes more effective. 

7 Herbs To Cleanse Lymphatic System

  • Burdock Root
  • Chaparral
  • Echinacea
  • Garlic
  • Lobelia
  • Poke Root
  • Red Clover


  • Burdock Root

Burdock Roots is a native plant from Europe and Northern-part Asia. Burdock Root is an antioxidant-rich food. It is filled with Phenolic acid, luteolin, and quercetin naturally. Among the many benefits of burdock root, these are the few.

  • Good for Blood Cleansing
  • Toxic eliminator especially in blood

A study in 2011 showed that because of this property, Burdock Root is an effective herb in detoxification of blood.Because of its good effect on the blood, it is a great detox herb. It does not only eliminates toxic in the body but also improves circulation throughout the body.[2]

  • Chaparral

Chaparral is like a cactus, it lives and thrives most in the desert area in the southern part of America and some parts of Northern Mexico.

Chaparral is a herb known over generations to prevent viral infection. It has good antioxidant properties and antiviral properties.

Given this, chaparral is good for the following:

  • Preventing Common Flu
  • Viral Infection
  • Inflammations
  • Developing neurodegenerative disease.

Chaparral is good at keeping the cell healthy. It also has good properties to protect the brain proteins and cells from developing neurodegenerative disease. Moreso, it is important in cleaning the blood from foreign bodies.[3]

  • Echinacea

A native plant of America, Echinacea is a traditional herbal medicine used over decades. It is filled with a high level of antioxidants. An appropriate level of antioxidant helps keep the cell away from free radicals. Flavonoids, rosmarinic acid, and isochoric acid are the antioxidant found in Echinacea. [4]

Echinacea is beneficial for:

  • Treating common colds and flu
  • Helps in maintaining homeostasis of the body
  • Keeps the cell away from free radicals
  • Improves the immune system
  • Helps lower blood sugar.


  • Garlic

Garlic is not just used to season food. It is also used over the centuries to treat medical conditions. Garlic is any home’s home remedy. It is rich with antioxidants and cholesterol regulators for the body.

Some health benefits of garlic are as follows:

  • Lows low-density lipoprotein in the body
  • Reduces high blood pressure
  • Reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases
  • Cleans the blood from toxins and heavy metals
  • Cleans cholesterol plaques in the body.
  • Promotes better bone health
  • Weight loss

Taking garlic regularly, either through the diet or through topical use is beneficial to the body. There is even an emerging trend in garlic tea. A spicy and zesty lemon-garlic tea. [5]

  • Lobelia

Lobelia is a weed-like plant that grows in cooler climates. Lobelia is a potent medical remedy for many neuropsychologic pathologies. It is also filled with antioxidants that it helps protect the cells especially those of the brain. 

Lobelia is also helpful to the respiratory system as it has been used as a natural remedy for cough and asthma. 


Some of the benefits of taking lobelia regularly are:

  • Protects the Brain from the protein build-up
  • Relieves asthma and cough
  • Helps in alleviating symptoms of depression and ADHD
  • Protects the cell from free radicals
  • Improves respiratory tract health

Lobelia is a great herb in helping respiratory tract relaxation which is very beneficial for the health of the body.  [6]

  • Poke Root

Poke root is a native plant in America. It is a simple weed-like appearance but has a great effect on breast health [4]  Research showed that the seed part of this plant may contain an antitumor property. Poke is also good for maintaining oral health [7]

  • Red Clover

Red clover is one of the popular tea flavor fads lately. Red clover is a plant from South Africa, some parts of Asia, and mostly in Europe. Red Clover is very helpful for women, especially during the menopausal stage.

Some benefits of Red Clover Include: 

  1. Helps to relieve menopausal symptoms
  2. Helps ease menstrual symptoms
  3. Promote better respiratory health
  4. Alleviate asthma and cough
  5. Slows clotting/ coagulation
  6. Increases level of High-Density Lipoprotein in the body [8]


The lymphatic system is as important as any system in the body. It is especially important because it helps the body maintain its balance through the removal of waste used up by the tissues. It is also helpful in maintaining the fluid in the body at a normal level. 

Aside from that, the lymphatic system is an important support of the immune system because it keeps the body away from foreign invaders. It also makes sure that the system is functioning properly with its consistent checks of the cells. 

It is easy to take care of the lymphatic system. Thus, don’t wait for it to be damaged before you take action. Keep it healthy every time with a proper diet, exercise, and some pampering with detox regularly.





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