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Do Your Detox the Proper Way: Full Body Detox Kit



A full body detox kit is a thing now because one herb is not enough. More so,  detoxing is not essential just to target one specific organ but a whole cleansing of the body. 

Over time, detox kits have been the canvas of herbalists to express their skills. There are different full body detox kits available from different sources with different content. But one thing is sure, natural detoxing formulas are beneficial to the body.  

What Is Detox?

In case you haven’t discovered the term Detox yet, detox in general means to get rid of toxins in the body. It is a process of being away from toxic substances for a period of time. 

Detox can be of different forms. One thing constant is that it is usually a change in our lifestyle. Especially if our lifestyle is not healthy for our body. 

Lifestyle Change

Popular detox can include abstaining from unhealthy foods and environments. Some people may opt to change their diets and choose a more sustainable lifestyle. 

Food Choice Change

Also,  more and more people are going into whole foods and vegan diets because it is more helpful to the body. [1] Detox can also mean cutting on sugar, gluten, alcohol, carbs, caffeine. It can also include a change in the amount of food taken or the proper time of eating. [2]

The detoxing effect of eating clean is more sustainable because of its long-term effect on the body. Not only do we get good cleaning at a certain period of time but it also rejuvenates the body. However, diet change must be maintained throughout in order to remain the body’s cleanliness. 

Supplementary Cleansing 

But the process of detoxification of toxin in the body is not just done by a single time eating healthy but a long-term process. Aside from eating the proper and real foods, a good herbal and natural full body detox kit can be taken too. It is an effective way of activating the immune system and the natural cleaners in our body. [3]

Doing this can help us achieve more substantial results at a faster rate. It is a push to the body for us to reach our goal. 

Fitness Approach 

Another way of detox is through fitness. It is more or less known to everyone that exercising and being more active can help the body become more healthy. This we will talk about later in the article. [4]

What we must remember is that the goal of detox is to bring our body back to its optimal status. Detox is to revitalize the body so it can function at its fullest potential. Detox is never to cure severe illness nor does it claim therapeutic claims. 

When To Get A Detox?

Our body by itself is actually a sufficient system. What do I mean by this? Simple. It means that our bodies can take care of themselves. It can detox by itself. Having said this, why do we still need to detox? 

That is, the body can detox and survive without any diseases at its optimal state. That is if we don’t have cholesterol build-ups in our vessels or fat build-up in our body. That is to say, we don’t need detox if we are very healthy.  

The Struggle To Maintain An Optimal State

But with the current world, we are in, maintaining the best state of our body is simply a hard job. Who can resist a delicious and addicting fast-food burger? 

We can try to make a healthier version but it just doesn’t have that same feeling and taste as our unhealthy fast food right?

Now we are back to the question of when do we need to do a detox. 

We found a good measure (a checklist) to determine if you need to get a good detox. 

This is list is provided by a popular naturopathic nutritionist and  coach [5]

  1. Chronic fatigue
  2. Weight Gain
  3. Feeling stressed
  4. Low Moss
  5. Headaches
  6. Cognitive problems
  7. balance problems, tremors
  8. psoriasis, acne, and eczema
  9. asthma or hay fever
  10. High blood pressure
  11. Lacking vibrancy and health for your age
  12. PMS, infertility, fibrocystic breast disease, uterine fibroids
  13. Sore, achy, weak muscles and/or joint pain
  14. Numbness, tingling, and nerve pain in the face or head (neuralgia)
  15. Chemical sensitivities 
  16. Anemia
  17. Bad breath, bloating, fatty stools, constipation, diarrhea, smelly stools
  18. Intolerance to fatty foods
  19. Tender swollen liver
  20. Gallbladder problems
  21. Consistent flu infection

If you are getting a good number of symptoms from the list, it may be a good sign that we need to take a step back from our current lifestyle and take a good detox. 

While it is easy to say to go into detox, many of us actually still can’t take that huge leap of lifestyle change. This is where a good full body detox kit can help us start. It can help us jumpstart our detox process. 

It can also help revive our natural detox in the body. But before we get into the depths of a full body detox kit, why don’t we first look into the different detox techniques so that we can know which of these are suited for our current state. 

Top Ways To Detox [6]

  1. Limit on Caffeine
  2. Lessen Alcohol
  3. Cut down the amount of processed food
  4. Scale down salt in the diet
  5. Drink more water
  6. Take more Antioxidant Foods
  7. Eat prebiotic-rich foods
  8. Get more sleep
  9. Regular Exercise

Because the body is efficient enough to detox itself, what we can actively do is actually to support the body in order not to overwork our system. Detox is also the jumpstart of our body in order to optimize its function. 

Limit On Caffeine [7]

While “coffee is life” and a day just doesn’t start without a cup of coffee, too much coffee can be harmful to the body. 

Coffee contains a good amount of caffeine which makes us more awake and alert. However, too much caffeine in our body can lead us to be restless and dizzy. 

Some people also developed anxiety and irritability. There are also faster breathing and heart rate, and tremors. To some extent, a study suggests that too much caffeine can lead to seizures. 

Detox From Caffeine

When the body gets you to “alertness” the caffeine gives to the body, it can be a struggle at first to detox from it. Many of us may experience withdrawal or symptoms like headaches, marked fatigue, and even flu-like symptoms. 

Withdrawal is pretty normal because it is like being a carnivore then in just a day, you become vegan. The body needs to adjust to the new normal. 

But we have to note that this “suffering” we are feeling will lead us to better health. 

Lessen Alcohol

How nice it is to cap the day with a good glass of alcohol, right? But too much of it will be toxic to the liver. The liver is the main organ that processes alcohol into something useful to our body. 

It is clinically accepted that drinking low to moderate amounts of alcohol is not harmful. It is rather harmful to our bodies if we binge drink rather than to regularly take. 

However, when the liver becomes very saturated with toxic substances it can become incapable of working its function. Thus, it builds up fat, inflammation happens and even disease develops. 

Detox From Alcohol

Aside from limiting the amount of alcohol intake to just an acceptable one to two drinks per day, good abstinence can also help the liver function better. 

A good detox is like changing the filter of the filtering system in order to produce cleaner output. A good full body detox kit can help in cleansing the body from alcohol. 

Cut Down The Amount of Processed Food

Processed food and sugar are the major ingredients for obesity and chronic diseases. [8] Consuming so much processed goods can hinder the liver from its filtering function. 

Detox From Processed Foods

Limiting processed food in the diet can help detoxify the body. It can help the body function better. More so, when we skip on junk foods, we actually have so many advantages gained.

  1. Less harmful chemical in the body
  2. Less fats
  3. Less calories

Although in the world right now, a whole food diet can be a challenge. An alternative we can eat to replacement for junk food is baked fruit or vegetable chips.

Of course, fresh fruits and vegetables are way better options than any chips or dried goodies.

Scale Down Salt In The Diet

Taking so much salt in the body can cause our body to retain much fluid than necessary. It can also build-up more serious diseases. 

Although iodine is necessary to the body, excess salt especially inorganic salts can make our body develop certain diseases related to water retention like high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke. 

Detox From Salt

Detox from salt is not totally removing salt from the diet. It is drinking more water to clean out the higher saturation of salt in the system. This is especially important for the kidney that functions for our diuretics. 

Drink More Water

The water is the major regulator of the body. It satisfies our thirst, it helps us regulate our temperature, helps us remove waste products from the body. Water is 90% of our body and almost all of our function needs water. 

Drinking more water is very important. While there are so many diseases that can develop from not taking enough water, there is literally almost none when we drink more. 

Detox With Water

One very good detox, the cheapest at that too is to take water. Coffee is not in life. It is water. So let us take more water. 

Take More Antioxidant Foods

With so many possible causes of the development of radicals in our body. Practically, anything in a polluted environment can cause radical developments. 

Tobacco smoke, too much alcohol, and exposure to pollutants are the major free radical builder in the body. Free radicals are your cells’ greatest enemy. They basically poison the cell into hi-wiring to destruction. 

Detox With More Antioxidant-rich Foods

Because the chances of developing free radicals in the body are high, what is the more appropriate step to take? Of course to prevent it rather than to just drink more toxic. 

Taking antioxidant-rich foods can help our cells protect themselves against free radicals.

Sources of antioxidants which you will surely like are:

  1. Dark chocolate
  2. Blueberries
  3. Strawberries
  4. Goji berries
  5. Kale
  6. Beans
  7. Spinach
  8. Turmeric
  9. Sesame seeds
  10. Ginger

With this list, make sure your full body detox kit contains at least 3-4 of these antioxidant-rich plants. 

Eat Prebiotic-rich Foods

Yes, prEbiotics and prObiotics. Prebiotics are according to Sarah Lewis “ substances come from types of carbs (mostly fiber) that humans can’t digest. The beneficial bacteria in your gut eat this fiber.”[9]

Because we all know, fibers are really helpful to the body. Taking it is beneficial to our gut health. 

Detox With Prebiotics

Detoxing with prebiotics helps us remove waste more efficiently. More so, prebiotics feeds our gut bacteria which makes them more hard working.

Some examples of prebiotics are:

  1. Oats
  2. Bananas
  3. Garlic
  4. Onions
  5. Dandelions

Note that if you want to have a healthy gut, at least have a good number of prebiotics in your full body detox kit. 

Get More Sleep

Of course, if we really want to have a healthier body, we need to get ourselves more sleep. The body needs time to reset. 

When we are sleep deprived the body’s immune system also becomes vulnerable. The cardiac rhythm is also affected so as the other organs like the brain. 

Detox By Sleeping

There is nothing more important than this detox. Sleep. Sleep loss can lead to several consequences including premature death. 

Regular Exercise

Another way for the body to be healthy is to stop being sedentary. Regular exercise does not mean to do HIIT or to be athletic. Regular exercise simply means not to be a couch potato. 

Stand up and take a walk.

Detox Through Exercise

Our body releases hormones that regulate the body when we are active. Not only our physical body becomes healthy but our mental health too. 

Detox through this can be done by simply skipping the elevator or maybe taking a walk from your office to the coffee shop. By doing this, the muscle becomes more useful. ANd newer cells are generated. 

What Is Your Full Body Detox Kit?

Although there are popular full body detox kits in the market, we must be vigilant to what we take in. We must know what is inside our detox kits.

Easey Series total body cleanse and detox kit is a good example of a full body detox kit. It is well researched and prepared for to cater to our needs in detoxing. It promises to promote “digestive health, bowel regularity, helps eliminate toxins & enhances energy. Cleansing Liver, colon, blood, Lymph, kidneys and parasites effectively.”





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