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Total Body Cleanse And Detox Kit – 5 Products

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This 30 day total herbal body detox cleanse program promotes digestive health, bowel regularity, helps eliminate toxins & enhances energy. Cleansing Liver, colon, blood, Lymph, kidneys and parasites effectively.

This bundle includes our five most potent cleansing products: Easey Flow, Easey Flush, Easey Sweep, Easey Blast and the Easey Purifier. It comes with an additional free 30 day detox guide, leading you step by step in your cleansing journey.

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Colon Cleansing

Effectively and safely get rid of waste from bowels, to enhance overall health and function of stomach as well as body, and lessen bowel problems.

Liver Gall-bladder Cleanse

Assist your body to remove excess bile, liver stones and the accumulation of toxins. Our easey flush liver and gallbladder cleanse allows improvement in your liver functioning.

Blood And Lymph Cleansing

Cleanse and nourish both the blood and lymph fluids to allow for better circulation, immunity and waste removal.

Parasite and Kidney Detox

Blast the body of parasites or worms with our parasite cleanse. Our Kidney Detox supports overall kidney health while assisting blood, strengthening bladder and dissolving kidney stones.


We don’t just sell, we truly care too!

My skin is clearer, I lost 20 lbs, and my energy level is through the roof. I didn’t exercise, do everything on time, or drink enough water. I can’t imagine what the outcome would be if I had stuck to the regimen exactly.


Yanique B.

It was important for me both physically and spiritually to choose to do a 30-day cleanse. It did take a commitment on my part to complete each recommended cleanse. I am so grateful that after years of putting unhealthy things into my body that I now had a way to rid myself of these toxins. It helped me to become totally vegan. Praise God!


Karen P .


Total Body Cleanse And Detox Kit

The all-natural 30-day Total Body Cleanse and Detox Kit is one of the most comprehensive full body cleansing programs in the market. Unlike other cleanses that focus on just colon cleansing, our kit covers every eliminating system and organ and is designed to expel toxins and get them out of the body.

Ideal for detoxification, flushing, weight loss, cleansing, re-balancing the body and improving health, the total body cleanse and detox kit intends to make sure your body starts functioning at its peak level to help you stay fit, physically as well as mentally, achieve enhanced metabolism, improve digestion and feel more energetic.

Why Total Body Cleanse is Important?

A large amount of toxic chemicals enter our body every day through food, water, air and environment. A lot of pollutants and chemical agents get accumulated in our body from sources like processed foods, beauty products, household cleaning products, radiation, pesticides, unfiltered water, airborne pathogens and other irritants.

A total body cleanse helps minimize the number of internal and external toxins in the body systems, organs, vessels and cells to help the body clean itself and become a cleaner, clearer and healthy place.

The human body is essentially an efficient machine with self-cleansing ability. However, these pollutants and toxins entering the body affect the body’s natural ability to cleanse itself. Consider your body as a car which gets contaminated and clogged with time. As the car needs periodic tune-ups and fluid changes, the body also needs occasional aid to keep filtering and self-cleansing.

A total body cleanse not only removes the harmful toxins from the body and organs but also clears the pathways and removes unnecessary waste accumulated in various parts of the body, thereby helping it perform its functions efficiently to maintain overall health and longevity.

Features of the Total Body Cleanse and Detox Kit

Easey Series Total Body Cleanse and Detox Kit consists of five effective, potent cleansing products Easey Flow, Easey Flush, Easey Sweep, Easey Blast and Easey Purifier. It also includes a comprehensive 30 day detox guide which helps you through every step of your total cleansing program.

The total body cleanse and detox program is designed to promote digestive health, eliminate toxins, enhance energy, bowel regularity by cleansing the lymph, colon, blood, liver, kidneys and parasites thoroughly.

Colon Cleansing

Our total body cleanse and detox program cleans the large intestine by removing the toxins and accumulated waste. It boosts the colon to support regular bowel movements for effective waste removal. It also gets the colon rid of any bacteria and parasites and strengthens the digestive tract for overall health and wellness. Our Easey Sweep Colon Cleanse uses a natural, herb-based formula to flush out the waste and harmful substances from the bowel effectively and safely to enhance the function of stomach and the entire body. It gets you rid of bowel problems and irregularity and promotes the absorption of nutrients.

Blood and Lymph Cleansing

The total body cleanse and detox kit contains Easey Purifier to clean the blood of any impurities and toxins, creating a clean backdrop for a healthy lifestyle and optimum performance of the body organs. Purifying the blood ensures better immunity and keeps the body rid of ailments.

This cleanse prevents skin problems and enhances the overall health by preventing symptoms like fatigue, nausea, headache and allergies caused often by impure blood. Blood purification also strengthens the immunity and helps fight cancer and autoimmune diseases.


Lymph cleanse is also important to get rid of symptoms like puffiness, fatigue, frequent cold, excess cellulite and water retention. This cleanse and detox supports the lymphatic system and nourishes the lymph fluid for better waste removal and circulation.

Liver Gall-Bladder Cleanse

Cleansing the liver and gall bladder is one of the most effective ways to promote overall health. Our total body cleanse and detox contains a blend of natural herbs known for their ability to cleanse and protect the liver and gall bladder.

It helps remove toxins, stones and other harmful substances entering the body through food, lifestyle or environment. The Easey Flush liver and gall bladder cleanse promotes the functioning of liver and helps the body remove excess bile, liver stones, toxins and gallstones.

Parasite and Kidney Detox

Easey Blast Parasite Detox contains a blend of herbs known to blast the body of dangerous parasites including tapeworms, hookworms, blood flukes, pinworms, Giardia and others. Detoxifying the body of these parasites can get you rid of infections and common health problems like constipation, diarrhea, nausea, upset stomach, etc.

Our natural detox can cleanse parasites from the entire body including liver, intestines and digestive tract. Easey Flow Kidney Detox supports the overall health of the kidney while improving its function to cleanse itself naturally. It also cleans the kidney of any toxins and stones.

Benefits of Total Body Cleanse and Detox

Improved energy level. Fecal waste accumulated in the colon can make the person feel like carrying a baggage. It can make them feel slow, sluggish and lethargic.

A total body cleanse and detox works to flush away the waste matter and get the body rid of toxins, giving you a renewed energy level. You feel lighter, energetic and active.

Stronger immune power. A total body cleanse and detox helps the body get rid of toxins from body systems and organs. It also stops the production of new harmful substances by boosting the immune system. This gives better chances of staying protected against diseases and maintaining a healthy state. People struggling with congestion, irritation, allergy, coughing or discomfort benefit from total body cleanse.

Clean and Focused Mind. When the body becomes clean and healthy, the brain experiences amazing performance, concentration and clarity. The detox process can make room for the mind to be clear and focused. The healing process enables the mind to deal better with stress and minimizes the feelings of anxiety and anger.

Great skin. A total body cleanse and detox not only helps the inner body but also revitalizes the outer hair and skin. One can experience changes in the appearance and look great. A cleanse gets you rid of skin problems and makes the skin glow in a natural, healthy state.

Our 30-day Total Body Cleanse and Detox Kit features five different formula targeted at different body systems. It also comes with a Total Body Cleanse Kit Guide that guides you through the step-by-step process to detox the entire body thoroughly and methodically in 30 days.

It answers some of the most common questions about each type of cleanse. The kit also includes a guide to common fasting recipes for effective detoxification. This total body cleanse program is ideal for anybody who wants to make a dramatic change for a better life and health.


A simple 30 day cleanse. You can complete it in 3 stages.

Stage 1. First 10 days – Parasite Cleanse (EaseyBlast)
Stage 2. Next 10 days – Colon​ ​Cleanse (EaseySweep) + Liver Cleanse (EaseyFlush)
Stage 3. Final 10 days – Kidney Cleanse (EaseyFlow) + Blood & Lymph Cleanse (EaseyPurifier)


See Guide For Full Instructions.


What do I eat during the parasite cleanse?

Ideally, you can do raw foods or if you are unable to, eat only plant-based meals having 80% of your plate with raw foods! Don’t do add any animal products, sweets, candy or sugar, you will only feed your parasites.

It tastes really bad, what can I do to help the taste?

That’s our intention, so the parasites and worms wouldn’t like the taste either! Someone who was taking this parasite formula said to us, “It is Bitter! If I was a parasite, I would surrender.” It’s simple, try adding it into some unsweetened applesauce or pure apple juice (any other 100% natural fruit juice) it will help with the taste.

What have others noticed while cleaning the bowels?

Through tonnes of testimonials, this powerful colon cleanser has increased bowel movements, increase quantity of fecal matter, brought out slimy liquid (mucus), dark tarry stool, stale putrefying food remains from days or weeks ago and much more. It all depends on what is inside of you! And you never really know till you are unclogged, depact, and swept out.

How do I know if I passed stones?

Stones are deposited into the colon area are cleansing. The only way to know is to look at the toilet bowl after use on the morning after your liver stone juice. You most likely will see them if your colon is clean and not too much fecal matter. If you don’t its somewhere in your feces; get some gloves if you are inquisitive.

What do stones look like?

Gallstones can come in all sizes, colors, and shapes. Cholesterol stones- are made mostly of hardened cholesterol, and are generally yellowish-green in color. Pigment stones- are made of bilirubin, and are usually small and dark in color. Gallstones may range in size from being as small as a period to as big as a golf ball.

Why would I need a kidney cleanse?

If we have any of the conditions listed, cleansing the kidney will be a huge aid! Symptoms may include kidney stones, incontinence, infections of the bladder, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, anemia, low energy levels, diabetes, fatigue, unintentional weight gain or loss, frequent headaches, chronic edema or water retention, bloating, puffiness of the eyes, swelling of the ankles or feet, difficulty urinating, frequent urination (at night), dark urine, bloody urine, gout, frequent nausea, cramps, fainting, shortness of breath etc.

Where does the cleanse waste go when we purify the blood?

All waste go out through the kidneys (urine), colon (bowel movements), skin (when we sweat) and other eliminating channels.


4 reviews for Total Body Cleanse And Detox Kit – 5 Products

  1. Sherene C. (verified owner)

    I was not happy to have to pay an extra $119 in customs abd duties to receive the item. I paid for it twice.

  2. Viviene Walker (verified owner)

  3. Maurine Campbell (verified owner)

    Hello Everyone
    It is a joy to write this review.
    I am indeed thankfully grateful, to your team for allowing God to use you in such a Mighty Way.
    The wealth of knowledge I receive each week since you started the Zoom is truly a Blessing.
    I am learning so much.

    I am about to start my DETOX.

    I was so totally blown away at the large amount of HERBS that I received in those packages, compared to the small amountt of money that I paid.

    May God continue to Bless your Ministry Greatly.

    The only problem is the huge amount of duty that I was asked to pay when it got to Canada.
    Approximately $65.00.
    I know you have nothing to do with this , but,
    I am fearing that, this will be a deterrent to me and others, putting through future orders, who really needs it.
    Right now I really, really need to order the herbs that you put together for high blood pressure.

    I am praying that the Lord will open ways and means unknown to me so that I will be able to continue to purchase the products.

    Have you ever considered shipping through Amazon?

    Many Blessings.

  4. Stephon Bynoe (verified owner)

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Easey Series Cleanse Series Detox | 30 Day Cleanse Kit

Total Body Cleanse And Detox Kit – 5 Products

$147.00 or subscribe and save 20%

This 30 day total herbal body detox cleanse program promotes digestive health, bowel regularity, helps eliminate toxins & enhances energy. Cleansing Liver, colon, blood, Lymph, kidneys and parasites effectively.

This bundle includes our five most potent cleansing products: Easey Flow, Easey Flush, Easey Sweep, Easey Blast and the Easey Purifier. It comes with an additional free 30 day detox guide, leading you step by step in your cleansing journey.

Purchase this product now and earn 147 Points!

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