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What to expect during a full body detox kit



What to expect while doing a full body detox kit?


One of the most underestimated measures we can take to reverse and prevent disease is regular thorough cleansing. By years of abuse and bad habits, our bodies become extremely toxic; and this toxicity, when it remains in the body, is responsible for the many diseases we are plagued with today. Most of these toxic remains are due to violations of the laws of health (Download free eBook on the Laws of Health here). One way to preserve and regain good health and vitality is through a full body detox kit. Our bodies excrete toxins through what we call the seven channels of elimination. Each of these channels is vitally important in ensuring our human machinery remain clean and perform at its optimal. When they become clogged, waste matter is trapped inside, causing a toxic environment.

A full body detox kit helps to unclog your channels of elimination and aid your body in expelling built up toxins from your system. Be aware that 10 days may not be sufficient to undo the damage that has been done, to our bodies, over a period of years. You may find it necessary to do more than one cleanse within a given six months to one year period of time.

Typically an aggressive 30-Day full body detox kit assists anyone who wants to transform their physical, mental, and spiritual health. It doesn’t matter what’s wrong with you or even if anything is wrong with you at all. A total cleansing and detoxification program is for anyone who wants to make a dramatic change for the better in their life. In 30 days, you will be a physically, mentally, and spiritually different person, a healthier person.

The Healing Process and Reaction


There is what is called “the healing crisis,” which is a temporary worsening of symptoms. This occurs as the body heals itself through the elimination of toxins. The body seems to be overwhelmed with all the toxins and waste it is trying to throw off. The channels of elimination—the colon, liver, kidneys, lungs, blood, lymphatic system, and skin—become congested, crowded, and irritated. During this crisis, what appear to be disease symptoms appear. These may be in the form of open sores, perspiration, diarrhea, boils, colds, kidney and bladder infections, fevers, etc. But this is not a new or intensified disease; it is just a part of the healing process.

The body knows it must eliminate the waste before it can begin rebuilding, so it works hard to do this. When drugs are introduced into the system, the body immediately stops throwing out waste, stops the healing crisis, and turns its attention to the new “chemical” invader. The body may appear to be resting quietly, with the symptoms reduced or gone, but in actuality, it has been prostrated by drugging. As 1 Corinthians 12:26 says, “And whether one member suffers, all the members suffer with it.” During your full body detox kit, drugs taken in earlier years are being pulled out of the tissues in an effort to discard them. The damage done over many years is being corrected. The body arouses itself in self-defense and brings forth acute eliminations of toxins in the form of fever, a cold, inflammation, itching, boils, ulcers, hemorrhages, etc.

Reactions To Expect


The intensity of the crisis will depend on how ill the person was. The nature of the crisis will be keyed to where the illness is centered in his body and how easily he can throw off the poisons.
If the waste can be eliminated through normal pathways, a fever will develop and burn it out. However, if it does not, it can store it as boils and acne. In addition, if the mucus is thick, there will be a nasal drip, colds, flu, etc. Constipation may precede diarrhea; lung congestion may come before a respiratory crisis. Sometimes we feel pain in the kidneys, bladder, or bowels as a result of this healing process and imagine it is a disease. But in fact, often the body has selected the strongest organ of elimination to throw off unwanted and excess waste.

The healing process and the symptoms are part of the cure and should not be feared. Just work with the body to help elimination by means of drinking pure water and fruit and vegetable juices, fasting, taking hot and cold contrasting showers, and drinking the Easey Series herbal teas to intensify results. If an individual has a strong constitution and the organs of elimination are working well and are being helped, he may recover without having to undergo a healing process. During a full body detox kit, certain symptoms will intensify, such as sluggishness, fevers, dark urine, coated tongue, weakness, irritability, headaches, and ringing in the ears. When you see these signs, immediately set to work to help the body system cleanse itself more fully. Herbs, massage, water therapy treatments, and enemas can help you get through this time.

Results will come!


When the crisis is over, the body needs help rebuilding itself. But throughout sickness and recovery, never go to extremes in a diet. Carry on with a gradual transition back to regular living, such as a plant-based diet, daily exercise, lots of water and proper rest. Trying to make the system too pure too fast can overly weaken the individual. Work carefully and keep praying for guidance, and if you fully cooperate, all will go well according to God’s will. The Bible says, “But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength” (Isaiah 40:31). Be patient and wait on the Lord.  Wait and see the powerful health benefits you will experience, from weight loss to better digestion, skin issues and many more! Don’t hesitate, get going with a full body detox kit now!






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