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2 Amazing Natural Detox For Kids



Detox For The Body

There are hundreds of ways the body can get sick if we do not take care of it. We need to be conscious that the body was never an infinite indestructible matter. Our bodies have their limits. There can only be a certain level of oxidative stress that can trigger a cascade of many more diseases like cancer. 

We need to remember that we are not superhumans, and we should always take our health into consideration. 

What I mean by health is not simply being in the normal range in the BMI spectrum but being intracellularly healthy. What do I mean? I simply mean being healthy to the core of our cells. 

Since our bodies are made up of cells, yes, those little tiny bits of molecular matter, everything goes down to take care of it well so that our tissues and organs can also function well. But let’s not get into the pain of microbiology, we just have to remember that being healthy should be within and not just the appearance.

Detox is essential

Since our bodies are susceptible to diseases we need to be more aware of what we do with our bodies. 

Similarly, it is common knowledge that everything in excess will always be harmful. This follows the law of the body. If we overload it we can also get sick. This is why we undergo detox from time to time- to reset and to realign. 

Detox is not made for us to suffer but for us to be in line with our health. Detox can be in the sense of social media or maybe detox in our diet. 

Detox is essential to our survival because it helps the body cope with all the things bombarding the body. It helps the body adjust naturally and also eliminates unnecessary matters within us. 

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Detox is Not Fixed

Contrary to what is assumed- that detox is all about restriction, let me tell you- Detox is not fixed. Detox can vary from person to person. The important concept behind it is simple- to reset and to realign.

The key point about detox is that we make our bodies cleaner. As a consequence, we can allow our systems to function in their optimal state. And given that, our body can actually protect itself better.

Child Vs Adult

As we grow older we also tend to realize that we are physiologically aging too. We usually run meters and meters but now we have to stop after a few. 

We realized that our metabolism is not as active as it used to be. We also gained a few fats here and there even if we are eating almost the same amount as before. 

There are many changes as the body ages. Some attributed it to natural phenomena. Like the heartbeat hypothesis [1] which explains that our body has its limit and at some point, it will reach its limit. 

As we grow older we don’t only look older we also cellularly become older. This is why it is important to take care of ourselves. 

Biochemically, changes in our overall body are attributed both to genes and the environment. 

Did you know that cancer is only 5-10% hereditary and the rest is because of the environment? Yes. This is why even though older people are more fragile than hyperactive children, children should still be taken care of. 

How we were nurtured when we were young greatly reflects our life when we are older. An example is a calcium. If we take too little calcium when we are young, we can develop early bone problems because of less calcium storage in the body. 

The same goes with sugar, too much sugar at some point may also backfire and cause diabetes.

Even the air we breathe has an effect on our overall health. It can cause allergies or the like.

This is why children even if they are in their best state need caring and consistent detoxing- natural detox for children. We don’t want our children to start late. We want the best and the best is to start early to maximize all the benefits of growth. Which in fact will impact their lives as they are growing. 

Do Our Children Need A Detox?

Since children have a very effective metabolism, do they still need a detox? Yes. Children also have exposure to toxins.

They can get toxins from water, air, food, and even their everyday things. [2] The water they drink may contain a minute heavy metal but may accumulate over time. Even if it may not be evident now, it can cause significant damage in the long run. Hence the need for a natural detox for children even if they are healthy. 

Detox in the first place is not a cure but prevention. Natural detox for children is the same, it is to prevent the disease from happening as much as possible.

We are lucky if we can live in a place near nature and away from the industrial bustling of the city because the air can be less polluted. However, some kids may be unjustly subjected to the pollution in the air. Some of these may cause lung or respiratory diseases. But don’t worry, a good air purifier and a consistent natural detox for children can surely help decrease the long-term effects.

Other sources of toxins may be from our daily household materials. Chemicals like our shampoos or even our cleaning products can be a biological hazard in the long run.

We really can’t live a toxic-free life but we can for sure minimize our toxic exposure and maximize our immunity to fight off these toxins. One good way to enhance our system is a good old-fashioned natural detox.

But not all types of supplements and detox are effective. We need to consider giving only natural detox for children to ensure their safety. 

Benefits Of Detox For Kids

As a consequence of being free from toxins, our children can have better nutrient absorption, and this cascades to a stronger immune system. 

Better Nutrient Absorption

Nutrient absorption is one of the most important functions in our bodies, most especially for growing children. A malfunction in the nutrient absorption in the body can cause stunted growth for children. This is why a sufficient amount of nutrients in the body is important. 

However, because of what we eat or what we take, some nutrients may not be absorbed properly in the body. Thus, a sufficient natural detox for kids is important to prevent malabsorption. 

Natural detox for kids should be able to clean the digestive system. A good amount of rest between meals is also essential to allow natural digestion to happen. It can also help the gut bacterial to do their share in digesting our food and converting them. [3]

Stronger Immune System

Detox for Kids does not mean fasting or cutting off several food types in their diets. Natural detox for kids may also be incorporating antioxidant-rich foods into their diets and water. A simple water detox with added berries can be a great way to help our children have stronger immune systems. 

Having a strong immune system is very important for kids because it is normal for kids to play and explore. With that, they may encounter many bacterias or toxins. Prepping their immune system for anything challenging will surely help them grow better. 

Natural Detox For Children

We don’t need to always force our kids to eat this or that, we can make detoxing fun for them. Here are some natural detox for children tips! 

Detox Bath

A fast and effective way to detox our kids is using herbal baths and Epsom salts once a week. This can help clean their skin and relaxes their muscles. This can also help improve their immune system especially during the flu or cold season. This natural detox for kids is very fun that you might even have a hard time getting them out of the bath. [4]


Another way natural detox for kids is through juicing. The challenging part of this is choosing which flavors our kids want. Berries are popular flavors you can juice. Mix and match fruits with vegetables to maximize detoxifying effect is also good. 

Adding herbal alcohol-free tinctures to your child’s juice can amplify its effect. It can add value to the juice without having to worry about the vegetable taste in the juice. [5]


Natural detox for kids can always be fun and exciting especially if we have new flavors and new colors for our detox. Detox is important to help the body function better. It is highly beneficial for children too. Don’t forget to enjoy while keeping healthy. 





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